In The Midst Podcast


Life is more than just starts and ends. In a world where grass to grace stories are glorified, this podcast seeks to remind everyone that there is so much to experience, grow from and celebrate even in the midst of life.


The Story Behind the Podcast

I created this podcast because I was getting bored of the "grass to grace" and "rags to riches" success stories. They were over-glorified, in my opinion. And I noticed they did not motivate me as I could not relate with a significant number of them. When I spoke to my friends, most felt pressured or intimidated by such stories.

Especially on LinkedIn, where there's a "I'm happy and honoured to announce..." post every other hour from other students around the world; It felt as if our reality was different from theirs. The thing is, though, behind every success, there is always a massive pile of failures and mistakes, but people rarely share those parts of their lives.

When I and others did share the highs and lows, we connected with people more as they could relate and felt seen. That's why ITM was born. To remind others that wherever they find themselves in the journey, that is life, they are not alone, and there's always a lesson to learn and grow from it.

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