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My name is Lily Ofori-Amanfo; I’m a Student, Systems Thinker, Creative Strategist, Podcast Host and aspiring PM.

//My journey so far

It took a lot of learning and unlearning to get to where I am today and so I am proud to say the least.

👋 Throughout my life, I have thrived on trying new things. People might call me a jack of all trades, but I believe a multipotentialite is a more accurate description.

I am a leader, a systems thinker, a shaker, a strategic analyst, a storyteller, and a community builder.

I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree at Ashesi University, Ghana, who is studying management information systems. I am fascinated by business and technology in a liberal arts context, and how they work together to drive forward our growth.

Professionally, my career interests and experiences are in:

🚀Strategy and Operations:
I changed the game for myself by learning to apply systems thinking to problem-solving. I am especially excited about the visioning and implementation process of strategy work. By doing so, I can optimise systems and operations effectively. As a result, I ensure that a sustainable solution is obtained without causing other issues.

🚀Product Marketing and Management:
My mentor helped me tie it all together when she introduced me to this philosophy:
Know your user, know your product and create magic with that.  

Of course, consulting goes beyond just giving advice. In that sense, I find satisfaction in diagnosing a problem, solving it efficiently, and building sustainable systems for clients.

//My career journey

You can check out my current resume where you'd find all relevant professional experience.

The journey till date

Sept 2018
Started my undergrad journey at Ashesi University as an MIS major and never looked back.
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Summer 2020
My summer of self and career exploration. Got more active on LinkedIn.
Gained an interest in product management and marketing, web development and consulting
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Nov 2020
That same semester I did a fall internship with Upkey where I worked as a product marketing intern with a startup. Balancing that with schoolwork was a fun challenge.
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June 2021
Did a short internship with a startup where I helped map out a course programme among other activities and wrapped up my contract work with Firenze.
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Aug 2021
Started my YAAW OGOF programme and went back on-campus for the first time since March 2020.
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Oct 2021
Graduated from OGOF as a Machine Learning Fellow. Won the Case Competition with my team.
Launched my podcast
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Dec 2021
Got awarded the Bertelsmann Scholarship to start studying Business Analytics at Udacity.
Finalised some amazing opportunities for 2022.
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Summer 2019
I participated in LIIMUN, job shadowed at a startup called Footprints Africa and completed my first internship at CalBank PLC...At the end of that summer, I was absolutely burnt out.
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Sept 2020
Started my first work-study job with the Coaching, Counselling, Academic Advising and Peer Support (CCAPS) Team as a freshman coach. Loved guiding students.
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May 2021
Attended the maiden edition of vGHC EMEA as a student scholar.
Started a new role as an Ashesi campus co-director for YAAW.
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July - Aug 2021
Started my diiVe internship summer consulting internship as a strategy consulting intern. My team worked on a go-to market strategy for an Edtech company.
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Sept 2021
Got accepted to participate in the iMBA 590 Case Competition held by the University of Illinois Gies Business School.
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Nov 2021

Attended my very first AfroTech conference as a Blavity Student Scholar. Got awarded the #1000WomenInData from Ingressive4Good to study on Datacamp.
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🧭Now for the fun part, here’s what you’d find me doing during the week typically:

Lily is like a tree that is planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither— whatever she does prospers.
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